2011 Best Practices Forum

Program Theme: “Designing and Building an Ethical Culture”

The Four Seasons Resort & Club at Denver

Day One: October 10, 2011

Tried and True Techniques
    Program Materials:
        Code of Ethics – Baker Concrete        
        Corporate Ethics and Compliance Program

    This optional workshop is especially for mid-sized and smaller companies who may profit from discussion and Q&A with seasoned members.  Discussion will include (i) the typical duties and responsibilities of an ethics/ compliance officer; (ii) what makes for an effective Code; (iii) tips for ethics and compliance training.

            Moderator: Dick Bednar, CIECI Coordinator
            Discussion Leaders:
                    Lorraine D’Angelo, Ethics & Corporate Compliance Officer, Dragados-USA
                    Todd Wilkowski, General Counsel, Baker Concrete
                    Richard Wallace, Vice President, Compliance, Zachry Construction Corporation
                    Linda Stewart, Corporate Ethics & Compliance Manager, The Lane Construction Corporation
                    Jay S. Cruickshank, General Counsel and Corporate Compliance Officer, The Lance 
                    Construction Corporation

Day Two: October 11, 2011

Welcome, Opening Remarks
Bruce Grewcock, Steering Committee Chairman, CEO Kiewit

CEO Panel
Discussion with our senior leadership on current and emerging ethics and compliance issues, including techniques for compliance risk assessment and managing the compliance program.  This has been very popular and shows that the CIECI is run by our CEOs.

            Moderator: Charles Hardy, General Counsel, Austin Industries, Inc.
                    Bruce Grewcock, CEO, Kiewit Corporation
                    Mike McKelvy, President, Government, Environmental & Nuclear Division, CH2MHill
                    Charles L. Harrington, CEO, Parsons

Conflicts of Interest: “Normal” Business Courtesies.  Is there such a thing?
    Program Materials:
        Powerpoint Presentation
        Decision Tree

    Discussion of when “customary” business courtesies may be perceived as gratuities or bribes; lessons 
    learned from recent headline cases; interactive discussion of scenarios.

            Moderator: Lorraine D’Angelo, Ethics & Corporate Compliance Officer, Dragados-USA
            Discussion leaders:
                    Jan Gillespie, Associate Counsel, Mortenson Construction
                    Margaret McLean, Senior Vice President & Chief Legal Officer, CH2MHill
                    Tom Hall, Legal Counsel – US Operations, PCL Construction Enterprises, Inc.

Keynote Speaker: Anthony Songer, Department of Construction Management, Boise State University

Assessing the Effectiveness of Your Ethics and Compliance Program
    Program Materials:
        Ethics Programs
        Ethics Hotlines

    Reviewing the effectiveness of your program to prevent and detect wrongdoing; responding to your 
    hotline reports; measuring effectiveness of internal controls and compliance training.

            Moderator: Richard Wallace, Vice President Compliance, Zachry Corporation
                    Sabine Hoover, Senior Research Consultant, FMI
                    Linda Stewart, Ethics & Compliance Manager, The Lane Construction Corporation
                    Sonny Ellis, Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary, Parsons

Joint Venture Ethics & Compliance
    Program Materials:
        Powerpoint Presentation

    From codes to training, how to merge differing models; due diligence in selection of JV Partners, etc.

            Moderator: Kathryn Marturano, Government Contracts Compliance Officer, PCL Construction 
                Enterprises, Inc.
                    Peter Glimco, General Counsel, The Walsh Group
                    Christine McAnney, Vice President and General Counsel, Balfour Beatty Infrastructure, Inc.
                    John Carpenter, Assistant General Counsel, Kiewit Corporation

Closing Remarks
    Bruce Grewcock, Steering Committee Chairman, CEO Kiewit
    Dick Bednar, CIECI Coordinator